Smart search: finding an item has never been easier

Let your customers choose products the way that fits them best

For store's admin

Smart search is also available to the store's admin.
Use it when working with the catalog, find items you run out of, change properties, statuses, prices without spending too much time on the task.

For buyers

Each buyer chooses goods following mostly unique patterns. Some have those patterns changed every day. Imagine an online store that can read the buyer's mind and order products the way the buyer wants them ordered. Smart search can do that! Customers only have to choose characteristics and features of products, and the system will show relevant items. No need to manage categories, duplicate products, group them. Your customer decides how to browse your catalog.

This is convenient and does not require extra actions on your part; simply fill the catalogue with products.

Smart search operation principles

No need to set up anything! Smart search is already on. Adding categories, specify sets and types of properties. These properties will be used by smart search.

Properties are assigned to categories and descend to all products they contain. It is easy to change, add or remove a set of properties for an entire group of products.

Super properties the entire stock

General to special: unite categories by common properties - manufacturer, collection, year etc.


Smart search is like a competent salesman in your store, selling 24/7