Your data enjoys superior protection.


Your store resides on several servers at the premises of Hetzner AG, a secure German data center. SSL encryption, a system of mirrors and regular backups provide complete protection of your reliably saved data.

Updates and patches

We upgrade your store's engine, free of charge and for life. Technical support throughout the years of your PlatzCart subscription is also our concern. This means you always have the latest build under the hood, newest features and security patches (if any).

Unlimited traffic

No traffic limitations, whatsoever. Have as many visitors as you can, no fees or charges from PlatzCart here.

Do you own a domain name?

Use it! Simply add your domain name in your account. Any level domain names work. Besides, we give you a third-level domain name within right after you register!

Under the hood

PostgreSQL — is most reliable RDBMS. The store operates smoothly and safe.


You can always count on our tech support team!
If you have questions or stuck with some settings, our tech support specialists are happy to help you within the shortest time possible.