Main ingredients of an online store

We have made the necessary convenient


PlatzCart offers all functions and features you expect to find in an online store solution

The necessary features have been designed to make store's management as comfortable as it gets, and that is the most important thing.

Adding and finding products, fast and easy
Properties and catégories

Properties are assigned to categories;
all products within a category inherit those properties. You can also specify properties applicable to the entire stock. As a result, stock grouping and search capabilities are virtually limitless!

Stock records

Tracking your stock numbers is easy. The store informs you of the items you have run out of, and smart search enables you to find products that need restocking


Add products to categoreis. Assign variuos statuses to them. Promote items as hot or hide them from visitors.


You can have separate descriptions for each product.


Upload the item's pictures. PlatzCart will resize them automatically.

Selling files

Sell pictures, photoes, audio and video files, e-books, easily. An online store selling intangible products requires little attention: payments and downloading are automated, and the security system protects your files from unauthorized access.

Bulk operations

You can change price for a group of products, hide it or promote to the special offers listing in one go!

Orders, payments, discounts
No mandatory registration

All products in the store are available for purchase, no need to register.

Order statuses

The system will tell you what order requires your attention. After processing, its status changes to the next one automatically.

Editing orders

Look into details of the order, introduce changes, all on one screen.

Your customers

Keep the data on clients handy, change statuses, grant discounts.


Order total, accumulated, personal or product groups discounts: a wide assortment to meet any need.



PlatzCart features integrations with payment gateways - PayPal, Moneybookers, Robokassa. Create an account with one of them, enter its data and start receiving payments. Cards, e-currencies, wires or cash - your choice.

Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card, American Express, Dimers Club International, Qiwi, PayPal, Money Bookers, Яндекс.Деньги, Web Money, VKontakte, Money Mail

Content management
New pages and sections

Delivery, About the store, Contacts - provide your customers with exhaustive information they need to buy from you.


Write articles, reviews, texts and bring them to your store's homepage.


Short messages on the homepage: news, preview, events.

Store management and users

PlatzCart allows to create an unlimited number of users and flexibly adjust their access permissions.


The system allows to tune the store to your needs. Look and feel, payment gateways, delivery methods, currency, integration etc.