List of PlatzCart's features

New features appear on a regular basis.

Store management
  • Simple and clear interface for all sections of the store's backend.
  • smart search to manage stock
  • New, easy-to-understand approach to grouping your stock into categories.
  • out of stock products notifications
  • internal banner serving system
  • Unlimited users with various access permissions.
  • direct integration with payment gateways
  • Unlimited stock numbers, any pricing plan.
  • Bulk editing.
  • Various product statuses.
  • Stock numbers monitoring.
  • Products you never run out of.
  • Intangible goods
  • New order notifications
  • Order statuses
  • Notifications e-mailed to customers
  • Order editing
  • List of customers
  • Orders record
Smart Search
  • Handy product search for customers.
  • Filling the catalogue, fast and easy task
  • Managing the catalog, simple task
  • Out-of-the-box templates, ready for use
  • Mobile versions of all templates
  • Change templates without touching the catalog
  • Simplicity and convenience
Analytics and SEO
  • Interated with Google Anaytics
  • Smart automated SEO
  • link your own domain names
  • Info updates and extras without reloading the page, backed by Ajax
  • Fast and stable Postgress database
  • Secure hosting
  • Backup mirrors
  • Regular backup creation
  • Constant improvement
  • Automatic updates for the store's life