For starters

What is PlatzCart?

PlatzСart is a server-side application that enables you to launch your own online store. You can create a catalog of your products, tune the look and feel, accept payments in various ways and process orders. PlatzCart does not process payments you receive from your customers, payment gateways do, and PlatzCart simply features nice and neat integrations with them.

How do I install PlatzCart?

PlatzCart requires no installation. The software is up and running on our server, you don't have to worry about installation, set up, support and hosting. We have that done already. It takes just a modern browser - Google Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Opera etc. - to work with the system.

What do you need to work with PlatzCart?
You need:
  • - something to sell
  • - modern browser (supporting javascript и css3)
  • - plastic card to pay for the service
Can I use my own domain name?

Yes! You can even have several domain names pointing to your online store. PlatzCart supports domain names of any level and any zone. You only need to specify our server in the domain name's settings and attach that name in your PlatzCart account.

What countries and currencies are supported?

You can take money in any currency supported by the integrated payment gateways. We constantly add more and more payment gateways. Currently, PlatzCart allows to receive payments virtually in any country of the world.

What are the supported languages?

Presently, PlatzCart knows 6 languages: Russian, English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese. This means you can have the mangement panel and checkout in one of those languages, and the store itself can be translated into any language. We work on localizations to have even more supported languages.

Why do you sell disk space so cheap?

Because disk space does not cost much, really. At the outset, you have 512 MB, enough for about 2000 products. You can have up to 65 GB (just $90 for that). The service itself is paid, not the disk space, so if you need more room, you are welcome.

Orders and delivery

I have an order in my store, what do I do?

Order details are shown in the PlatzCart store management panel. If you need to, contact your customer via e-mail or phone to confirm items chosen, introduce corrections or discuss delivery terms. Next, pack up the ordered goods and send it to the address specified. Orders can have several statuses:
"Needs attention" - order requires delivery cost calculation (if you calculate it yourself);
"Expects payment" - the customer have not paid for the order so far;
"To ship" - the order has been paid for, send it out.
After you have sent the goods, you can archive the order. Customers get e-mails notifying them of the order's status change (in case an e-mail has been specified). In case of card or e-currency payment, the order's status changes automatically to "To ship" when the buyer pays for the order. If you sell files, after paying the buyer receives a download link from your store (sent automatically), and the order receives status "Paid" and is archived.

How do I learn that the order has been paid for?

In case of card or e-currency payment, the gateway informs your PlatzCart-powered store of crediting your account, and the order automatically receives status "Paid". After that you have to send the goods out to the buyer. In case of cash, you simply get money upon delivery.

Does PlatzCart take a commission?

No, we charge no commissions on your orders, and the payments are processed by payment gateways, not us. You get the moeny straight to the account you have with the payment gateway.


How much for the service?

The price is $1 a day with 512 MB of disk space available. Day here means 24 hours from the moment of registration.

How do I pay?

PlatzCart is a postpaid service. You use the service, and pay later (from your account) if you like it. You need a plastic card to pay for your PlatzCart hosted account.

What payment types are available to my customers?

You can hadle plastic cards, e-currencies, wire transfers and cash. That covers almost every possible way of payment. It all depends on your payment gateway of choice and your account with that gateway.

What are payment gateways?

Payment gateway is a website that securely processes payments for you (plastic cards, e-currencies) and transfers the money to your account (you need to have one with the gateway to use its services). Currently, PlatzCart features integrations with:
PayPal, world leading processing system
Moneybookers, processing card and e-currency payments, worldwide
Robokassa, Russian processing system accepting cards, e-currencies and other payment instruments popular in Russia.
This set of gateways allows to accept payments virtually anywhere in the world. And we work on integrating other, more specific and localized (geographically) systems; the list is growing.

How do I take money for my goods?

You can have customers pay cash on delivery. To accept e-currencies and cards, you need an account with one of the integrated payment gateways. To link that account to your online store, fill in the settings fields.

Need help

Where can I get some help?

If you find no answer there, feel free to use the support request form.